❶To Tasmania during Working Holiday


Hi, This is Tasmania-chan.

I’m writing about what brought me to Tasmania.

Because my friend recommended me to Tasmania.

I was in Sydney for four months to go to School.

However, I was looking for a place which has great nature.

Sydney is the urban area. It’s not interesting for me.

Otherwise, No friends + No job in Tasmania.

But I think it’s going to be ok:)

from the airplane
Launceston Airport

There is no public transportation from this airport.

You should book shuttle bus online by the day before or ride a taxi.

Home | Launceston Airport Shuttle Bus

I didn’t book the bus….

I was going to go to the nearest bus stop.

It takes for 30 minutes from the airport on foot with 30 kg suitcase.

Fortunately, the man took me to Launceston CBD by his car!

NEXT topic is to get a job in Tasmania.