❺Purchase of a secondhand car


This is the article I purchased a secondhand car on Facebook.

You will know
・The flow of the purchase
・The way that I exchange in fact
The car I bought Facebook market place

The flow

①Looking for a car on Facebook or Gumtree

②Contact to an owner

③Inspection and test drive

④Payment, Check a document

⑤Registration at Service TAS

I don’t have any idea of car.

Sahas, my friend, helped me to buy a car. Thank you Sahas!

①Facebook Gumtree

Filter on Facebook

If you buy a car expect TAS, you will need to another procedure.

So you should check when you buy a car the other states.

The details of my car

We have to register REGO.

I don’t recommend that you buy an expired car.

If it’s expired, you should ask an owner.

Tasmanian Government Motor Registry System: Tas Rego Check

Contacts to the owners

You send a message to the owners as soon as you find.

Messages with the owner

First contact

Hello, I’m _______. I’m interested in your car. 

Is this still available?


Can I inspect your car?

I am available on 7th, May.

Are you free Wed or Thurs sometime for me to have a look?

Make an appointment

③Inspection and Test drive

・Start the engine without noise

・The lights, Air condition

・Accelerator, Brake

・Oil leaking

You should learn how to check an engine.

If I could have checked the engine, I hadn’t needed to fix my car after one month.

Anyway, I decided to buy the car.

I negotiated the prce.

Original price was 4500AUD. Finally, 4200AUD.

For example,

How negotiable are you on price?

How much is the lowest price?

I would like to offer $3500.

Can I get it for $3500?

I have $3500 cash.




You would pay by cash mostly.



You have to get a document from previous owner.

We need to write the price how much you paid

but you should ask them.

Could you write the price lower on this document?

Because tax you will pay depends on the vehicle value.

Transfer application form

The procedure after you buy

⑤Register at ServiceTAS

The first photo after I just bought the car

Check Service Tas more information.

Registration Transfer Fee30AUD and Duty 225AUD


A big Problem after that

The car makes my life better.

but there is a problem.

I found oil leaking when the car had periodic inspection.

The owner would know this problem but he hadn’t mentioned it.

It cost about 700 AUD…


In the end

It depends on luck whether you can buy a good car.

It might be better that you buy a car in Hobert or Launceston.


・Japanese company, Milage less than 200.000km

・Suspect some problems

・Be careful how you pay

・Go to Servise Tas within 14 days

Hope this article helps you buy a good car!

It had started driving the car 130000km since then!

Light house in George Town with my car