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・Traffic Rules in AUS
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・Violation traffic
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It’s very strict of traffic rules, especially for a speeding.

I paid 130AUD for a fine because I was 10km/h over the speed limit, 50km/h.

You should check this blog and avoid traffic violations


Traffic Rules


In AUS, the car is right hand drive and on the left drive.

There are roundabouts instead of traffic lights.

When you approach a roundabout,

you must slow down or stop to give way to all vehicles already in the round about.

The right of way is in the roundabout on your right.

Traffic sigh of roundabout
Direction how you drive
Right of way

Sleeping in the car

The laws differ from state to state.

Normally it’s illegal in many places in Australia. We sleep or live in a vehicle on a street, so long as parking is permitted on that road.

To be safe, you should check the local Council of the place where you intend to rest to find out whether you’ll be breaking any local laws by sleeping.

Do a google “free camping Tasmania” you would get some ideas 🙂

Drink driving

A blood alcohol concentration(BAC) of above 5% is illegal and serious penalties apply.

and you should have fully license.

Drink no more than two standard drinks in the first hour and one per hour thereafter (for men of average size)

Drink no more than one standard drink per hour (for women of average size)

Genetics, body weight, gender, age, what type of beverage, food in youe stomach, medications in your system, and your state of health, influence how people respond to alcohol.

In Tasmania, recording a BAC between 0.05 and 0.10 will see you hit with a $346 fine! and a three-month disqualification of your license.


Traffic sign

Parking permitted


Violation traffic

The traffic infringement Notice which I received

I was over 10km/h



pay from online

You will be charged less the speed limits.

The fine is expensive

Please be careful.


Cute♡ Animal sign

Platypus, Wombats, cows

Tasmania devil has wings:)

How cute those signs♡



・The fine is expensive, check the local laws

You might be worried about driving in another country.

However, car will take you many places:) Enjoy your drive.

Thank you for reading at the end of the article.