❸Farm Life with cows


Hello, this is Tasmania-chan

I am introducing about farm life!

You can know
・Job about dairy farm
・the good things, the bad things in a dairy farm

we need to work at a farm to get the second working holiday.

I just try to work in a farm!

I worked at the dairy farm in Tasmania for five months.

The farm which is said first or second biggest dairy farm in Tasmania has 4.000 cows!



Cow boy -1 , Milker-2 people


 (AM3:30-PM1:00) ・(PM1:30-PM10:00)

<Milking About 6 hours> 

・Cup on side 3 hours- A person puts machine on cow’s nipple.

・Cup off side 3 hours- A person lets cows go outside.

We can milk 5-20L/ cow/ time

 Some cows kick us

Other cows come back to eat grain again

 Cows have own character.

 We give them treatment if cow gets sick.

Bale ( it turns by itself)
The cow is milked 18.39L

 <Cleaning about 3 hours>

 We clean inside the dairy and outside.

There are too much poop…


The good things and the bad things

The good things

Easy to find a job

Work with animals

It doesn’t matter the weather

Not to get tan

Fresh milk

Hourly rate

They give good accomodation

The bad things

Starts from 3am

Milking(espesially cup on) in3 hours in a row

Much poop and pee


The first and second week is very very hard

Cow might stamp us

It takes 2 months that I notice cow is cute

Only One of cows close to people.

Normally, cows are afraid of human.

Cows are going to yard
Heart mark

In the end,

I don’t want to back the first month.

It was too hard for me.

But this experience makes me strong and told me how wonderful to work with animals.


・Unique experience


・the hard things but fantastic things

next topic is saraly, accomodation, photos!